1 Mix
2 Proof
Sure, there are
three steps, but the
first step is easy
and the last two
steps don't require
any work at all!
Artisan Breads 1..2..3..
Make artisan breads in 3 easy steps.  Its fast, fun, and easy, any
way you slice it!
“Baking is a relaxed art.  
There is no step in the
bread making process that
cannot, in some way, be
delayed or moved ahead
just a bit to make it more
convenient to fit into a
busy schedule.”  -Bernard
Clayton Jr. in The Breads
of France
3 Bake
Tips and
August 18, 2013

Triple Timesaver

"The best preparation for good work tomorrow is to do good work
today" - Elbert Hubbard

I've been baking with sourdough almost exclusively this summer and
thought I'd share a time saving tip.  I try to refresh my three
sourdough starters weekly and I've been using the opportunity to mix
up three batches of sourdough bread at the same time.  Since I'm
only getting out cultures, ingredients, and measuring cups once, I'm
saving time and lessen cleanup also.

I simply get out my three starters (liquid levain, stiff levain, and rye)
and remove enough starter from each to make a loaf.  Here I am
making one step baguettes, one step pain au levain and one step rye
sourdough.  After adding water to each of the six containers (three
starters and three batches of bread dough), I proceed with the salt,
other ingredients and flours.  The doughs and starters are stirred up
and left on the counter until about doubled in size.  I'll then stick
everything in the refrigerator and take out batches of bread dough
every few days as needed to bake up a new loaf.

At your house you may have only one type of sourdough starter, but
you can use that one starter to mix up a few different loaves at once.  
The only other potential limiting factor is refrigerator space.

Even though things get busy in the summer, you can still easily work
some bread baking into your schedule!

First, add the water to soften things up.

Next, add salt and other ingredients.  As you can see, I added
some seeds to my pain au levain and some nuts and fruit to
the rye sourdough

Finally, add the flour

All stirred up and ready to ferment

Busy fermenting on our kitchen counter