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“Baking is a relaxed art.  There is
no step in the bread making
process that cannot, in some
way, be delayed or moved ahead
just a bit to make it more
convenient to fit into a busy
schedule.”  -Bernard Clayton Jr.
in The Breads of France
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July 24, 2012

A Trip Through Wheat Country and Beyond

For two weeks in July my friend Kevin and I took a father-daughter
trip out West to the Badlands, Yellowstone and Glacier National
Parks.  Despite being grossly overloaded, the minivan borrowed
from my parents performed magnificently and we ate, drank and
hiked to our heart’s desire.

 Loaded down but not out

The first stop was Wall Drug, one of the world’s best tourist traps.  
The cake doughnuts there were heavy and greasy with a crunchy
outside, just like your Grandma used to make.

 Breaking a Jackalope, only at Wall Drug

Although the high plains produce the best flour, we did not
experience a lot of culinary inspiration, particularly when it came to
breads.  Jackson, Wyoming, for example, should have enough rich
folk and restaurant critics to inspire great bakeries, but our
samplings not impressive.  There was a Great Harvest with their
typical offerings.  Practically next to Great Harvest was a place
called The Bunnery.  The name alone inspired great hope in me, but
the chocolate croissant was just plain bread dough around some
semisweet chocolate.  I didn’t really see any buns either.

The Canyon Lodge Dining Room at Yellowstone had some decent
(but overpriced) entrees and served only baking powder biscuits.  
The second night we ate there they “ran out” of baking powder
biscuits.  How can you run out of baking powder biscuits?  Can’t you
just whip up another batch in 30 minutes or so?


         Why was this Japanese lady at Mammoth Hot Springs in a Dragon
         Costume?  Why did I ask her to pose with the girls?

Things got better in Montana, as we stumbled across a Wheat
Montana Deli at Three Forks.  Wheat Montana is the Family owned
company that sells the Bronze Chief and Prairie Gold labels of
premium flours.  Most of the specialty flour, spelt and flax products
they sell were sitting around the deli in bags large enough to feed
an army.  Too bad our minivan was already overloaded or I would
have stocked up.  I could have stayed a good long time but the road
was calling.  

This guy was as hungry as a bear

Adding to the Visitor's Mural at the Old Ranger's Station.  Thanks

In East Glacier, we made our traditional visit to Brownies Bakery and
Deli along the ever deteriorating, impossibly crooked Highway 49.  
There’s nothing with yeast in it at Brownies but the desserts and
coffee are great.  Brownies employs Eastern European students for
the summer and for some reason I was a bit disappointed that the
young Lithuanian gentleman there didn’t know the one Lithuanian I
knew.  Oh well.

Finally, there was much consternation when the time came to leave
for home.