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January 30, 2013

Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls

Sourdough can be used for any type of yeast bread and during the
coming year I'll showcase several sweet doughs made with
sourdough instead of commercial yeast.  When used as sweet
dough, sourdoughs may have a very slight tang or hint of citrus, but
this is typically subtle.  The long length of proofing adds a complexity
of flavor that is missing in commercial bakery pastries.

I'll typically start with the levain pastry dough described below then
proceed to one of many options for the pastries.

Since sourdough is proofed at room temperature, proofing is
particularly convenient.  After shaping pastries, the second proof
can be undertaken at room temperature overnight for enjoyment at
breakfast the next morning.  What a great way to start the day!

Levain Pastry Dough

Levain Pastry Dough Variations

Levain Croissant Dough:  Decrease water for double batch by 1 cup
and increase milk by 1 cup

Multigrain Levain Pastry Dough:  For a double batch, decrease all-
purpose flour to 4 1/2 cups, increase whole wheat to 2 cups and add
rye flour 1 cup.


In a large bowl, stir the levain and water together until the levain is
broken up and the water is a bit frothy.  Stir in the butter and milk
then the remaining ingredients with a large spoon until well mixed.  
Cover and allow to rise at room temperature for 10-16 hours until
doubled then refrigerate until ready to use.  If your water and milk
were on the cool side and your kitchen is cool (70 F), it will probably
need 16 hours.  In a warm kitchen (78 F), it will probably need closer
to 10 hours.

Sourdough Cinnamon Rolls

This recipe makes a 9 x 13 inch pan of 12  hefty rolls.  To serve in
the morning, I'll typically roll them out and place them in the pan
toward bedtime the night before and leave them in a cool kitchen
(winter) or basement (summer) overnight for the final proofing.  I'll
turn the oven on upon rising in the morning and bake as directed


Single batch of levain dough pastry dough mix (see above)
3 Tbsp melted butter
Cinnamon Filling

Cinnamon Filling        Amount
Brown sugar                ½ cup, 110 g
Granulated sugar        1/3 cup, 67 g
Cinnamon, ground       2 tsp
Cloves, ground            ¼ tsp
Kosher salt                  ¼ tsp
Raisins (optional)        ¾ cup, 150 g


Double Batch                Ingredient                Single Batch
4 cups, 500 g                 Powdered sugar        2 cup, 250 g
¼ cup, 56 g                         Butter                  2 Tbsps, 28 g
2 tsp                                    Vanilla                         1 tsp
4-6 Tbsp, 59-89 g             Water, warm         2-3 Tbsp, 30 g-45 g

To make the icing, place the butter in  a medium microwaveable
bowl, and melt in the microwave, 20-40 seconds on high.  Stir in the
powdered sugar, vanilla, and half the water.  Slowly add the rest of
the water until the icing is of the desired spreading or drizzling

Forming the Rolls

Grease a 9 x 13 inch baking dish with butter or cooking spray and
set aside.

Take a single batch of basic dough mix out of refrigerator and place
on a lightly floured silicone mat.  Shape into a rectangle then roll out
into a ½” thick rectangle, about 12 x 20”.  Brush the dough with 3
Tbsp melted butter, then sprinkle cinnamon filling over the dough,
keeping filling ½” from edges of dough.  

Roll up the dough from the long side into a tight roll.  Cut the roll into
12 1 ¼-1 ½” wide pieces and place flat side down into the greased 9
x 13” baking dish, flattening the pieces slightly.

Cover lightly with plastic wrap and allow to rise at room temperature
for 8-10 hours. Thirty minutes before serving preheat oven to 425
degrees.  Place the baking dish in the oven and turn down to 375
degrees.  Bake until tops of rolls start to brown, about 22 to 24

Cool on a wire rack.  When rolls have cooled for 15-20 minutes,
drizzle icing over tops and serve.

Submitted to Susan's YeastSpotting at the wildyeastblog.
Double Batch
(makes about 24
Bakers %
Single Batch (makes
around 12 rolls)
1 cup, 230 g
Stiff levain, 22%
1/2 cup,j 115 g
2 cups, 474 g
Water, room
temp., 46%
1 cup, 237 g
1 cup, 245 g
Milk, room temp.,
1/2 cup, 123 g g
1 1/2 Tbsp, 21 g
Kosher salt, 2%
3/4 Tbsp, 12 g
1/4 cup, 50 g
Sugar, 5%
2 Tbsp, 25 g
1/2 cup, 113 g
Butter, melted,
1/4 cup, 56 g
1 cup, 130 g
Whole wheat
flour, 13%
1/2 cup, 65 g
6 1/2 cups, 910 g
All purpose flour,
3 1/4 cups, 455 g